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OVPN for Mac OS X

Download OVPN for OS X

Version 1.2.0 | File size: 49.6MB | Released 2017-09-19
SHA256 checksum: c074e8ee2902c8a9fd2ee0c1399f455905838888e7bd0c4c9c10e9aea006ed72

  Quick and simple installation

  Prevents DNS leaks

  Optimizes your connectivity

  No configuration files needed

Easy to get started

1. Download the program.
2. Double-click on OVPN.zip to extract the installer
3. Double-click on OVPN.
4. Install the client.
5. Run the client.
6. Enter your credentials for OVPN.
7. Connect.
8. Verify that all leaks are fixed.

You can also use Tunnelblick or Viscosity to connect to OVPN.