Take your privacy online to the next level

Make sure you're connected to OVPN when browsing. Block companies who try to track you online.

Never visit a website without VPN again

There are some websites you simply don't want to visit without being protected by OVPN. The OVPN browser extension helps you remember just that.

Any and all requests to those websites are blocked ensuring your anonymity and privacy.

WebRTC IP address leak

Your private IP address can leak through WebRTC even when connected to OVPN. The extension protects you against such leaks without entirely disabling WebRTC meaning you can still reap the benefits of WebRTC.

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Control your data

Block companies tracking and profiling your browsing habits without your consent. The extension blocks analytics trackers ensuring your browsing stays private.

The power is now in your hands - you get to decide which companies, if any, that gets your data.

Purge cookies & local storage

Remove cookies stored on your computer as soon as you leave a certain website. Never again will you see obtrusive retargeting ads on social media.

Remove unwanted noise

Thousands of advertisements are removed so you can focus on the content you are actually looking for.

Also enjoy higher browsing speed as unnecessary requests are blocked by the extension.