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How to set up OVPN on iOS

OVPN's iOS app is the best and fastest way to ensure your security on your iPhone and iPad. The VPN app uses WireGuard and works on iOS 12 and newer.

Quick and simple installation WireGuard Prevents DNS leaks Optimizes your connectivity Killswitch to prevent data leaks Hassle-free 10-day money-back guarantee
Version 0.5.0 | Released February 19, 2022 | Requires iOS 12 or later | Changelog

You can also use OpenVPN Connect or WireGuard's official app to connect to OVPN.

Easy to get started

  • Download app from App Store
  • Start app
  • Enter your credentials for OVPN
  • Connect
  • Verify that all leaks are fixed
OVPN for iOS

OVPN protects you, without getting in the way

Prevent hackers and governments from monitoring your online activities. OVPN ensure that you can browse anonymously, safely & quickly. We can guarantee a totally log-free VPN service through our transparent actions together with our solid physical and software security.

WireGuard together with our premium networking partners enable OVPN to deliver high speeds and low latencies when connecting to our VPN on your iPhone.

OVPN's iOS app is a signficantly better experience than using OpenVPN Connect since the connection to the VPN server is instantaneous when changing network. Another benefit is that WireGuard's modern encryption algorithms are drastically more battery efficient which enables a longer battery life.

Fast and user-friendly

Privacy wherever you are

OVPN has VPN servers in 32 cities spread out in 20 different countries.

Connect instantly

With a single tap, you're instantly connected to a VPN server.

Fastest VPN server automatically

The VPN client chooses the fastest VPN server automatically. But you can also choose to connect to specific countries. All countries are displayed in the selection list, but you can also choose to connect to specific VPN servers.

iOS app

A killswitch is always enabled in the iOS app. To prevent traffic leaks, your internet connection is automatically surpressed in case your device loses the connection towards the VPN server.

OVPN for iOS


Only WireGuard

WireGuard on phones is a signficantly better experience than using OpenVPN thanks to the instantaneous connection when moving between networks. Another big benefit with WireGuard is that the modern encryption algorithms are more battery efficient than the encryption ciphers available in OpenVPN.

Automatic key rotation

The VPN protocol WireGuard uses internal static IP addresses. That can be problematic under certain circumstances. The iOS app automatically rotates your key pair as you want to bypass those issues.

OVPN for iOS