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Elevate your privacy with Dynamic Multihop

Jump into the World Wide Web with enhanced anonymity.

A new era of online security

Hop through two VPN servers, ensuring your online actions are your own private business.

Uncover a new era of online protection with our Multihop add-on. Imagine your internet traffic navigating a strategic path through not one, but two fortified data centers, transforming you into a digital enigma that's nearly impossible to trace or breach.

Benefits of Dynamic Multihop

Anonymous to the last VPN server

Since your real IP address has already been altered by the initial VPN server, the second server will never see any personal information about you.

Ultimate Privacy

Say goodbye to digital footprints. Multihop conceals your online identity by bouncing your data through multiple servers, making it virtually impossible for anyone to trace you.

Defend Against Surveillance

With Multihop, you're in control. Safeguard your data from government surveillance, ISP monitoring, and hackers who might be lurking in the shadows.

Digital maze

Potential attackers face a formidable challenge. To breach your defense, they must simultaneously infiltrate two different data centers in separate cities, a feat that's nearly unheard of in the world of cyber threats.

VPN servers in 32 cities across the globe

Due to our high security requirements, we don't have servers in every place imaginable. We prioritize quality and security over quantity and marketing.

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What is Multihop and how does it work?

Multihop, also known as double VPN or multi-server routing, is an advanced feature offered by OVPN. It enhances your online privacy and security by routing your internet traffic through not just one, but two VPN servers in different locations.

In the past, Multihop only offered connections between fixed servers. However, with our new and improved Dynamic Multihop, we’ve gone a step further by allowing you to tailor your VPN connection according to your need. Now you have the power to hand-pick both the entry and exit servers, giving you unprecedented control over your VPN experience.

When you use a regular VPN, your data is encrypted and sent through a single VPN server before it reaches its destination on the internet. With Multihop, your data takes a more intricate and layered route. Picture Multihop as a mesmerizing magic trick with a rabbit and a hat. You're the magician, and your online journey is the trick you're about to perform.

Dynamic Multihop

Setting the Stage

Imagine that you have two hats, each representing a different place in the digital realm.

The Wonderous Bit

Bit the Rabbit, clever as he is, knows of the magic tunnel connecting the two hats and skips along out of view into the second hat.

The Astonishing Reveal

When the rabbit finally emerges from the tunnel, it hops out of the second hat, leaving the audience in awe. The journey is complete, and Bit the rabbit has seemingly been magically teleported from one hat to the other.

The Grand Finale — Multihop

Now, imagine you have dozens of hats in cities all around the world, and each hat represents a secure server. When you activate Multihop, your data takes this incredible journey through two secure servers, providing double the protection and making it virtually impossible for anyone to trace the rabbit's path. As you place the rabbit into one hat, he can magically appear from any hat in the world, making it virtually impossible to predict where Bit will appear next.

Just like a magician's trick, Multihop adds an extra layer of mystery and intrigue to your online adventures, making your digital presence nearly impossible to follow. It's an incredible way to ensure your data remains hidden.

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As industry leaders, we're at the forefront of VPN technology. Our Multihop feature is meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled online experience where online freedom and security coexist seamlessly.

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