Terms of Service


OVPN is a service provided and developed by OVPN Integritet AB (556999-4469). OVPN Integritet AB is registered in Sweden and will henceforth be referred to as "We", "Us", "Our" and "OVPN".

These terms apply between the user and OVPN. The purpose of these terms is to clarify the terms and obligations that users have when using OVPN as well as the obligations OVPN has to its users.


OVPN does not log any activity of its users. Please see the privacy policy for an expanded statement.


OVPN aims to keep server uptime as high as possible and therefore has an uptime guarantee of 99.5%. Active paying users get two minutes for every one minute of downtime that exceeds 0.5% downtime per calendar month.


Subscriptions are personal and may not be used by multiple people. Accounts may be terminated in case they're shared.

Subscriptions are always paid in advance and are started as soon as OVPN receives the payment. Subscriptions renew automatically if the purchase was carried out using a credit card or Paypal. Users can, at any point, disable automatic renewal on the user settings page.

If within the European Union, all prices stated include the VAT of the country the user is visiting from. If outside the EU, no VAT is charged. Visit this page for more information.


OVPN has a 10-day money-back guarantee for first-time purchases. In accordance with Swedish law under which OVPN operates, we reserve the right to refuse refunds of renewal purchases.

The user must contact OVPN within 10 days of making the first payment by email or live chat for the money-back guarantee to be valid. No refunds are performed for cash or crypto payments due to money laundering guidelines.

Illegal activities

Users may not use OVPN to commit crimes. In the case of a crime being committed, OVPN retains full rights to suspend the account in question without a refund.


OVPN is not to be held responsible for any damages or loss of income caused by using our services.


No notification to users is required if only small changes in the agreement is altered. OVPN will contact all users by email if dramatic changes are made.


All disputes that can not be resolved individually between OVPN and the involved parties will be resolved in Swedish court.