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Long and honest relationships

Our mission is to ensure that people are protected online, and we do that by operating a trustworthy and transparent VPN service that has several security enhancements.

We don't accept all affiliates. We want honest, thoughtful and accurate reviews that users can trust. The affiliates that we do accept, we have a long working relationship with.

The visitors that you send to us will be well taken care of, both when it comes to security and conversion. To spread security and privacy to as many people as possible we regularly work and improve our already high conversion rate.


Instead, we're at a commission level that ensures that our affiliates, our customers and we benefit proportionally. Because we're in it for the long haul.

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About OVPN

Founded 10 years ago, OVPN is a niche VPN provider that focuses entirely on privacy and security. We do that through our strong physical and software security, an ever-expanding VPN network, and using premium networking partners paired with high-end hardware.

We don't have servers everywhere, but each of our 96 servers in 32 regions are entirely owned by us and operate without hard drives.

The legal operating entity is OVPN Integritet AB, 556999-4469, and is incorporated in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is 100% owned by David Wibergh & Ruben Rehn.

We're a geographically distributed team that strongly believes in remote-first, and our team members are from Sweden, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine.

OVPN logo

The logo with white text should be used whenever possible. The other logo version should only be used on light backgrounds.



HEX: #006BED RGB(0,107,237) HSL(213, 100%, 46%)
HEX: #032D4C RGB(3, 45, 76) HSL(205, 92%, 15%)


All the hardware used to operate our service is owned by us and locked into isolated racks. Below are pictures from two of our data centers.

Stockholm, Sweden. JPG
Stockholm, Sweden. JPG
Gothenburg, Sweden. JPG
Gothenburg, Sweden. JPG

OVPN Screenshots

We're actively developing a desktop client for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE.

Server regions

Our VPN server network is constantly expanding. These are our current locations per Jun 19, 2024.

Region map. SVG