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We care about what we do

OVPN was officially launched in the summer of 2014 as internet surveillance had escalated quickly. We believe everyone is entitled to live a life without being constantly monitored. This is where VPN services enter the picture.

Unfortunately, the majority of VPN providers lack acceptable security procedures and are of low quality. Some providers have relocated to tax havens for profitability reasons, causing complications as it is unclear which laws are applicable to them.

Our goal is to be most reliable and trustworthy VPN provider. We strive to accomplish this by always having the company located in Sweden, but also through being transparent and having guaranteed service uptime. Furthermore we implement well-proven security practices and give our users great speed and customer service.

Our servers are strategically placed in cities to ensure a superior uptime for our customers. We use AES-256-GCM, which is among the best encryption algorithms when it comes to VPN services. All servers operate without any hard drives to guarantee that nothing is logged or stored.

Everyone in OVPN

OVPN Integritet AB, org nr: 556999-4469
C/O Proxify, Barnhusgatan 3, 111 23 Stockholm