When your company's security matters

OVPN is a proven and verified no-logs VPN provider. We protect your team members & internal resources from hackers.

Every device matters

Only a single device that has access to business resources has to be hacked in order for an intrusion to happen. OVPN for Teams ensures that each employee can protect all their work devices.

Phone, computer, server, router — no matter what device types your employees are using - OVPN has got you covered.

OVPN is a battle tested no-logs VPN that has the highest security precautions in the industry.

Every device matters

Blazing fast & easy

What's the point of purchasing a security solution if your employees won't use it? To ensure the best experience possible, OVPN utilizes premium networking partners and high-end hardware, because milliseconds add up. Our service is easy to use, and your employees internet connection won't be throttled.

On most devices, it just takes a single click to encrypt all data traffic from the device. It's that easy.

Extremely knowledgable customer support

Our knowledgable support team will be there every step of the way to answer any and all questions you or your team might have.

They'll be able to assist you with anything you throw their way. Try it out: send them a difficult custom configuration question and be astounded.

Protect internal resources

By purchasing the Shared IP add-on, you can assign certain team members to all have the same IP address, which enables you to protect company resources by blocking access to them from all other IP addresses. The shared IP address basically works as a jump server for you to protect your resources.

It's also possible to purchase dedicated Public IPv4 addresses for specific users that can be used to protect servers, NAS or other device types while still allowing external access.

Centralized billing & user management

Administrators in your team can easily add/remove/edit any user and the associated services connected to users.

To reduce overhead and having to spend as little time as possible with accounting, we offer the ability for a single, annual invoice for all services. Pay using credit cards, wire transfers or any of our other supported methods.

View content in multiple countries

Each team member can connect to any of OVPN's servers in 29 cities. Our infrastructure enables your team to easily reach international content and measure international marketing campaigns.

OVPN guarantees that our VPN service is up and running 99.5% of the time