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We believe everyone is entitled to live a life without being constantly monitored. This is where VPN services enter the picture.

Proven and verified focus on privacy

Proven and verified focus on privacy

OVPN has been in court fighting a two-month-long information injunction as user information was requested from us. OVPN emerged victorious due to our no-logging policy.

We have insurance that covers legal fees. OVPN has never given any information about our customers to a third party.

Total infrastructure ownership

Total infrastructure ownership

All the hardware used to operate OVPN is owned by us. All VPN servers operate without hard drives as the operating system only resides in RAM.

No rented servers, no virtual machines. Just pure bare-metal VPN servers. Did we mention no hard drives?

Transparent company and policies

Transparent company and policies

Monthly transparency reports have been published since 2014, detailing server statistics & information requests.

The company running OVPN is incorporated in Sweden and is named "OVPN Integritet AB". Integritet means Privacy in Swedish. That's how ingrained our privacy focus is.

Extremely knowledgeable customer support

Extremely knowledgeable customer support

Tired of talking to customer support reps that have less tech knowledge than you? So are we. That's why our customer support consists of only L2 personnel.

They'll be able to assist you with anything you throw their way. Go ahead - send them a difficult custom configuration question and be astonished.

VPN servers in 32 cities across the globe

Due to our high security requirements, we don't have servers in every place imaginable. We prioritize quality and security over quantity and marketing. And let's be honest — do you really need VPN servers in 150 countries?

VPN servers in 32 cities across the globe

More OVPN benefits

Access streaming services

OVPN unblocks a myriad of streaming services across our VPN servers. Easy, fast and high quality streaming.

  • Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Peacock TV & Channel 5
  • Works on all servers in the supported regions
  • Continuously adding support for new streaming services

Use OVPN on every device

Phone, computer, server, router — no matter what devices you're using or where you are, a single OVPN subscription has got you covered.

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OVPN offers two separate add-ons as well, Multihop and Public IPv4.

Devices that connect to our standard service are assigned a shared IP address. The Public IPv4 add-on allocates a static public IPv4 address to you instead.

The Multihop add-on routes your traffic through two VPN servers.


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