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OVPN turned eight!

David Wibergh, about Announcements

On August 20, 2014, OVPN received its first paying customer. That means we are eight years old. During the previous four years, I have compiled what we accomplished during the past year, but also detailed what our plans for the coming year are. That tradition continues, albeit with a small caveat. We were so busy working, that we actually forgot our own birthday and are therefore publishing the article later than usual.

One year ago, we had 94 VPN servers in 17 different countries. The 100 count has been passed, as OVPN has 102 VPN servers in 32 different regions.

Several areas were identified last year which our focus would be on. I'm happy to announce that we've almost accomplished all of them:

  • Released 8 updates to the Windows, macOS & Ubuntu desktop client, including some major improvements such as:
  • Launched an iOS app based on WireGuard, and released 4 updates containing:
  • Released 5 updates to the Android app, containing:
    • The same improvements as the iOS app
    • Possibility to save regions & servers as favorites
  • Added Warsaw, Kyiv, Milan, Seattle & Denver as new regions
  • Deployed additional VPN servers to Copenhagen, Offenbach, Frankfurt & Vienna
  • Improved streaming support for BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Peacock TV, Netflix Germany, Netflix Austria

The goals that we didn't achieve were:

  • A drastic improvement of Multihop where users can dynamically select which VPN servers the traffic should tunnel between
  • Add support for Multihop in WireGuard
  • Perform an external audit of our infrastructure
  • Deploy a VPN server to Argentina

What OVPN aims to achieve by next year

As always, we have high goals. We don't expect to be able to accomplish all of them, but:

  • Adding support for Multihop in WireGuard, and drastically  improve it to allow users to choose entry & exit servers
    • (keep an eye out, this is already available to beta users and will be released to everyone shortly)
  • Improve unblocking of streaming services and add support for more services
  • Improve website experience (guides, billing, config generator, automated status notifications)
  • Increase stability and user experience for all apps
  • Open source the desktop client
  • Split tunnel functionality for the desktop client
  • Obfuscation in the desktop client
  • Perform an external audit of the infrastructure
  • Add Multihop to iOS & Android
  • Improve payment flow in iOS
  • OVPN for Teams

To increase awareness surrounding OVPN, security, and integrity, we have started sending out free stickers to people so that they can show that personal integrity is important. If you have not already requested stickers, you are very welcome to do so! Put a sticker on your phone, computer, or other object of importance to you. By purchasing our two-year plan, you also receive an OVPN t-shirt free of charge.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank all our users. OVPN would not exist without you and we are extremely grateful, humble and proud that you support our mission and trust us with your integrity.

David Wibergh