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OVPN turns four!

David Wibergh, about Announcements

Today marks the four year anniversary of OVPN's first customer. It has been an amazing, enriching and exciting journey. Security has always been our main focus throughout the existence of the company — and I'm positive OVPN is the most secure VPN service in the world:

  1. We own ALL of our servers. Most VPN companies rent servers they've never seen, in data centers they've never been to, without any knowledge of the physical security.
  2. We have modified ALL of our servers. No hard drives = no possibility of storing anything permanently on the server. USB ports and similar have all been disabled and won't even work so that there's no way to connect to the servers. Even the RAM memory on our servers are encrypted.
  3. Other than the immense physical security, we've done everything we can to ensure the software we use is secure.
  4. Our proprietary client for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu counteracts DNS hijacking, has a powerful killswitch, and makes connecting a cinch.
  5. Transparency. We are completely transparent how OVPN is run, how we work, and we even continuously publish transparency reports.
  6. Our browser extension for Chrome and Firefox automatically removes cookies, blocks WebRTC requests and trackers commonly used by companies.
  7. Extremely knowledgeable coworkers. Our support takes you serious and can help you professionally, fast, and smooth.

At the time of writing, we have 59 servers in 7 countries with zero hard drives. We encrypt more than 2788 TB of data every month and have more than 15 000 Mbit/s of traffic at night.

We have also launched Vilfo — a sister company to OVPN. Vilfo is a premium VPN router that ensures all devices in your network are automatically protected by a VPN — without having to install OVPN on every device you want to protect.

So, what will happen until OVPN turns five? A lot!

We may be four years old, but the journey has just begun. Under the coming year, we will:

  1. Continuously improve our security, availability, and number of servers. We want to expand to at least four more countries.
  2. Evaluate and investigate Wireguard, which many are calling a next-generation VPN protocol. Due to the way it is designed, it offers much better speed with the same encryption, while being less complicated than OpenVPN. Depending on our tests and the development of Wireguard, it is possible we will integrate Wireguard into our infrastructure going forward.
  3. Continue to develop our desktop client for an easy and secure way to connect to OVPN.
  4. We will make various improvements to the website — including a new config file generator, clarified and updated guides, as well as provide more information on the status page.
  5. Increase the number of payment methods to include more cryptocurrencies.

OVPN is still a small company compared to many other VPN services. If you like our transparency and our strong focus on security, be sure to mention us on different forums, facebook, and your friends.

If the last year has shown us anything it's that the need for a VPN has never been greater. Ransom letters are being sent out to Swedish internet users, internet providers in Sweden are forced to block websites, the data retention directive has been expanded, cyberattacks and manipulation of democratic elections are norms rather than exceptions, and internet service providers in the US can sell their user data after dismantling net neutrality. And it's all perfectly legal.

At the same time, all too many are using other VPN services in the belief that they are secure, even if that's not the case. Rented servers, outsourced support personnel, and lies that no logs are stored are, unfortunately, exceedingly common in the VPN industry. This has been shown time and time again just in the past year. OVPN is the trusted provider who values their customers' security. This comes at the cost of not being able to take any shortcuts when it comes to marketing, expansion, and infrastructure.

We're looking forward to the coming year, and we hope you want to join us on our journey.

David Wibergh

David Wibergh