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WireGuard® Public IPv4 open beta launches

Maximilian Holm, about Products & features

For a while now we have been working on getting WireGuard to work with the Public IPv4 add-on. After months of tinkering and barrels of coffee, we are proud to announce that we are ready to launch an open beta of WireGuard Public IPv4.

To participate in the beta you don't need to submit a formal application. You simply need to go to the Public IPv4 area of your dashboard, click on Public IPv4, and change the protocol.

Do note that, while it is possible to change between OpenVPN and WireGuard at will, it is not possible to have your Public IPv4 add-on tied to WireGuard and OpenVPN at the same time. If you select WireGuard you will not be able to connect to it with OpenVPN, and vice versa. 

Once you have changed your desired protocol to WireGuard you will need to download a configuration file for WireGuard. Configuration files and guides for specific devices and systems can be found under the respective guide on our guide page, but you can also generate one manually from our configuration generation page.

Public keys assigned to the Public IPv4 add-on will be marked with a special Public IPv4 label on the key management page to make it easier to separate from the rest of your keys, but you can still assign it a custom label on top of this if you'd like.

It is important to note that with WireGuard, not only is your Public IPv4 add-on tied to a specific region — just like with OpenVPN — but it is also tied to a specific server. When you change protocol from OpenVPN to WireGuard, generate a new IP address, or change your region, the website will automatically bind your add-on the server with the lowest server load in the selected region.

If you change region or generate a new IP address with WireGuard as your selected VPN protocol, you will need to generate a new configuration file for the change to take effect. Attempting to connect to the Public IPv4 add-on without first generating a new configuration file in these cases will lead to your internet not working properly while connected.

Go on. Spread your wings and soar onward to heavens high. Tip your toes in the water and feel the soft sand caress your feet as you gaze upon the fiery sky. Like your very best summer memories, we hope that Public IPv4 with WireGuard will be something you look fondly upon for years to come. But like all good things in life, it can always be made better. So if you encounter any bugs, issues or have any feedback on what can make a good thing better, do let us know.

Maximilian Holm