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Increasing device counter limits

Maximilian Holm, about Products & features

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, it's been 7 years since OVPN received its first paying customer. This is a monumental milestone in OVPN's history, and is worth celebrating. We would not be where we are without you, our valued users. So we've prepared a little something to give back.

In 1856, a revolutionary inventor named Nikola Tesla was born. During his lifetime, he made several predictions that at the time sounded like something taken out of a science fiction novel. One such prediction was that one day it would be possible to transmit information around the world using wireless technology. That information from around the globe would be able to reach you instantaneously, allowing you to experience something in the present like it is happening to you live, rather than news reaching you days, months, even years later.

He even predicted the rise of smartphones, coining the term "vest-pocket technology," stating that in the future wireless transmission of signals between devices no larger than a watch would be possible. While Nikolai Tesla is no longer alive to witness the fruits of his labor or predictions become a reality, we are nonetheless benefitting immensely from the road paved by a man born 165 years ago.

In a society where you have all of humanity's collected knowledge in your pocket, when you can experience the joy of seeing your child laugh or replaying the last video of a loved one lost to the pandemic, few things are as important to us as our phones. For better or worse, it contains our highest highs, our lowest lows, our greatest pride, and most intimate secrets. And as society becomes more complex and interconnected, our need to keep our technology protected increases.

To keep pace with the growing needs of society, we leave our device limit of four in the rearview mirror as we step on the gas and speed ahead. Now, for every year you've subscribed to us, your max device limit increase by one. This change is retroactive, meaning that if you've been a customer with us for 7 years, your device counter will increase by a whopping seven, for a total of eleven devices.

It also applies to new purchases, meaning that if you purchase a two-year subscription with us, your device counter will increase by two instantaneously. We hope that, with this change, you will always be able to protect all your devices, no matter where you are or what the future may hold.

Maximilian Holm