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Planned maintenance 03:00-05:00 on April 10

David Wibergh, about Status & transparency reports

Update: Due to a hard disk crash on the technician's computer, the update could not be performed on 10/04/2015. Therefore, the update will take place on 11/04/2015 at 03-05 instead. We apologize for this issue.

During the morning of 10/04/2015 we will have a downtime that affects all VPN servers. Each server will have a downtime of about 15-20 minutes between 3:00-05:00.

The reason for the downtime are updates that improve our reliability as well as updates for Grsecurity, Tresor and OpenSSL.

Within a few days we will report more details about the downtime and what it is that has been updated.

David Wibergh