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Open letter to the Swedish police

David Wibergh, about Announcements


We understand that your intentions are good when asking for a customer’s information. However, the truth is that even if we wanted to, we can't give you any information related to who had an IP address at a specific time. Lately, we’ve received numerous requests from you to give out customer information, and we would be thankful if you could stop since we have never given out any information. We don't intend to ever do so either.

It might sound strange, but OVPN Integritet AB is not an internet service provider and thus the “Law (2003:389) about electronic communication” (Lagen om elektronisk kommunikation), is not applicable according to us according to chapter 1, 4§. We are not required to store information that is necessary “to track and identify the communication source, the final destination of the communication, date, time and duration, type of communication, communication device, or localization of mobile communication devices at the start and ending of the communication.” (LEK 6 kap 16a§)

It is possible and even probable that other VPN providers might meet your requests about giving out information, but OVPN stores none of this information. We care deeply about the integrity of our customers and it is completely impossible for any logs to be stored or accessed by us or anyone else, even if our servers would be confiscated. The logging policy we explain on our website is completely truthful and is by no means a marketing trick. Simply put, when you are asking us about who used a certain IP address at a certain time we cannot comply with your request as that information does not and never did exist.

Moreover, OVPN Integritet AB has an insurance for trial costs as we are well aware that organizations and authorities such as yourselves, will ask and possibly even try to force us to give out sensitive information. To date, our trial cost insurance has never been used, nor do we hope that it ever will have to be. In order to save you the trouble of sending these requests and to avoid us from wasting time and resources on answering them, we simply suggest the following: Stop sending them - as aforementioned there is no information we can give you even if we wanted or were forced to. You can read more about that here, here and here.

To be perfectly clear, we do not in any way endorse or advocate crimes being committed using OVPN. People who commit crimes will always exist and will always use sufficient and secure solutions to evade being caught regardless if it’s Tor, OVPN, other VPN services, or “the next big thing” within internet privacy. Our main goal is to protect people from hackers and being monitoring online. We also believe, just as the EU supreme court does, that people have the right to be forgotten which in essence becomes impossible with mass surveillance. We are living in times when governments, legally or illegally spy on their own and other countries’ citizens on a unreasonably large scale.

We believe that people have the right to communicate privately whether it is in a physical or a digital world. Thus, we will continue operating OVPN without storing or logging any information about our customers.

David Wibergh
Founder of OVPN

David Wibergh