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iOS app using WireGuard®

Maximilian Holm, about Products & features

OVPN's iOS app has been beta tested by users since April. Today, we're releasing it to everyone, and is included with all subscriptions. The iOS VPN app only supports WireGuard because:

  • WireGuard offers much greater speed than OpenVPN on weaker devices like phones
  • WireGuard is more battery efficient than OpenVPN which is an important factor to consider if you want to be connected throughout the day without constantly having to charge your phone
  • WireGuard works much better on roaming devices than OpenVPN due to the way it is designed. On a phone you will typically be moving around a lot and switch from network to network, so it is important that the VPN connection can handle roaming well

Our iOS app is easy to use, while being secure. The kill switch is always enabled and DNS leaks are prevented.

The app automatically selects the fastest VPN server for you. But you can also select a specific country to connect to.

All countries that OVPN has VPN servers in are listed in the region view when connecting. The countries are displayed in alphabetical order and show your latency to the various data centers. Green means low latency and red means high latency, which will likely lead to lower speeds as the data center is further away from you.

To ensure the integrity of our users the WireGuard key pair rotates automatically every 14 days. It is possible to change the rotation between 1 day and 28 days if desired.

You can download the app via App Store.

Maximilian Holm