A look at 2019 - and what lays ahead

David Wibergh, about Announcements

2019 is nearing its end and a lot has happened for OVPN. Some very exciting stuff is also just around the corner. During the year, we have increased the number of regions we have servers in drastically.

New regions

Current planned upcoming locations are:

  • Dallas, USA within a few days
  • Sundsvall, Sweden in mid January
  • Tokyo, Japan in January/February

Are you interested in other locations as well? Let us know.

Additional VPN servers

In order to meet the increased bandwidth volumes, we've deployed two new VPN servers in Amsterdam, one new server in Frankfurt and another one in Copenhagen. Earlier in the year we also added additional servers in Gothenburg and Stockholm.


OVPN's core focus is privacy and integrity. We do understand that our service is also used to circumvent geographical restrictions and access streaming services.

We're actively developing functionality to make sure that we can circumvent blocks by streaming providers as a result of that. American Netflix is expected to be unblocked shortly via our US servers. The popular Swedish streaming services C More and TV4 Play are available on all of our Swedish VPN servers when streaming services has been enabled.

The IP addresses in Oslo have also been rotated which means that it's possible to stream NRK using our Norwegian VPN servers.

Upcoming in 2020

Now to the exciting things around the corner! We will:

  • launch a public Wireguard beta in January/February
  • add support to block ads & trackers via our DNS servers instead of via our browser extension
  • start the development of an iOS & Android app
  • improve Multihop drastically by allowing users to choose entry and exit servers dynamically
  • continue deploying VPN servers to new regions

A new beta version of the desktop client has been released which improves the responsiveness as well as decreases the resources required to run it.

OVPN has moved to a new office, so any cash payments need to be sent to our new address. During the upcoming holidays, our support will be limited.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from OVPN!

David Wibergh