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Public beta of desktop client v1.7.0

David Wibergh, about Products & features

We test our desktop client releases extensively across a wide variety of operating systems prior to releasing anything publicly. That has also been the case for v1.7.0 - but it contains several major underlying changes, and we therefore want to release it as a beta first before releasing it as an online update to everyone.

The beta period will last between 2-6 weeks and depending on the results, we might release subsequent versions but also prolong or shorten the beta period.


Download v1.7.0-beta for Windows
Download v1.7.0-beta for macOS
Download v1.7.0-beta for Ubuntu

Please contact us via the support form in the desktop client if you experience any issues. Make sure that "Attach logs & diagnostic data" is checked, so we get the necessary information to debug the issue.

List of changes in 1.7.0-beta

  • Bug fix: DNS leak test is quicker and more reliable
  • Improvement: migrated from QtWebEngine to QML
  • Improvement: VPN server load is refetched every 30 minutes when not connected to a VPN server
  • Improvement: renamed Account to Settings in the menu
  • Improvement: client is considerably more responsive and requires less resources to run
  • Improvement: updated to Qt 5.12.6 for macOS & Linux
David Wibergh