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We are now insured against trial costs

David Wibergh, about Products & features

One thing our users often ask us is: What happens if a prosecuting authority is demanding information about one of OVPN’s users?

Since we don’t store logs, we don’t have any information about what our users are doing. In other words: we don’t have a whole lot of information to give to the authorities.

In our Privacy Policy, you can see what kind of information we will share:

Information about what payment method was used to make a purchase, meaning if you used bitcoin, PayPal, wire transfer, invoice or cash. (Note that credit card information and account names in relation to your payment methods are NOT stored; only the actual method used.)

We cannot give the court any information about when you were connected, what websites you visited or what you have done while using OVPN.

In other words, OVPN cannot give any information that can connect a user to a specific incident. The only information we can give is the information that the user has given to us: username/email/payment method.

We have written a guide explaining how you can pay anonymously in order to go one step further in ensuring your security. Note also that we don’t demand a valid email address when you’re signing up. As long as the user has followed this guide, there is no information for us to give to the authorities that can help them identify the user.

The essence of the previous paragraph is that we can give some information to the authorities, but of course, it is not something we wish to do. The integrity of our users is our entire business, and we don’t want to give the authorities any information. That is why we are now insured against trial costs so that we don’t have to give any information unless we absolutely have to.

We promise to take every legal matter to court and do everything in our power to avoid having to give up any information to authorities.

We can now feel safe by having the financial muscles to take every legal matter to court. Having said this, also note that we to date haven’t given up any information to authorities. This is a proactive move from our part, a move that we made to ensure that we can properly handle such a situation should it arise in the future.

The vision of OVPN is to be the most reliable and trustworthy VPN provider, and we believe that this is a big leap toward that goal.

David Wibergh