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The most trusted streaming apps in 2020

Vira Derii, about Guides

Do you like streaming? Who doesn’t! Watching films and series non-stop and preferably anywhere via smartphone or tablet – under this motto, the streaming apps provide the perfect conditions to deliver content directly to the streaming connoisseurs in the comfort of their own homes or on the go. Television is quite a blast from the past 😊 But which providers offer something really worthwhile? We will tell you everything about the most popular streaming apps in 2020.

The big players for top streaming: Netflix, Amazon Prime & Co

First of all, there are some well-known mega-providers that enjoy great popularity. These are certainly not new to you and each of them offers users high-quality live streaming. Which one offers what - here at a glance.


Netflix is ​​the undisputed king of top streaming.
Lots of popular series, but also films are waiting for the streaming fans here. Above all, the most super-exciting in-house productions are "The Witcher", "Stranger Things", "Orange Is the New Black", "The Crown" or the first German original series "Dark" (Dark Season 3 is currently running). Netflix offers the right streaming apps for Android, iOS, etc. You can test it for 1 month free of charge, but after that, there is a monthly fee (7.99 euros for one device). We especially love series streaming with Netflix, which also works very simply, intuitively & practically within the app.

Amazon Prime Video

Netflix's big competitor in Best Live Streaming is for sure Amazon Prime Video. This streaming app is also very popular, as it is automatically included with every Amazon Prime subscription.
After 30 days of a trial subscription would cost you 69 euros/year (or 7.99 euros/month), so the streaming app is quite cheap. There are also versions for iOS and Android. However, for Android you only get the player alone (unlike iOS), you have to select your films, etc. via the website. On the one hand, you have the option of streaming certain series and films for free (e.g. Amazon Originals such as "The Boys"). Or you can buy the latest blockbusters or series. What we find especially attractive: If you pause a film or series, the streaming app shows which actors are currently in the picture.


Disney + is still a relatively new platform that offers top streaming, however, it has a less extensive library than Netflix or Amazon.
Obviously there is a lot of Disney content like "Frozen", "Hannah Montannah" etc. But there is also content from National Geographic, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars.
The latter two, in particular, are a highlight - streaming absolutely every Marvel comic epic or the very first Star Wars series "The Mandalorian" with Baby Yoda – are on top.
Overall, Disney + is a nice, easy-to-use streaming app for a wide variety of operating systems, especially for families. You can test it for 7 days for free. After that, an annual subscription (4 devices can stream simultaneously) costs 69.99 euros.

Free streaming apps

But of course, there are also other apps offering top streaming. And not only for film lovers and series junkies, but also for gamers. Here are our favorites, which are also free:


Twitch (formerly is a streaming app for all online gamers - there is practically no game that does not exist here. And it is for free for almost all devices! Unfortunately, the fact that you do not pay anything for the streaming app also leads to a serious disadvantage: advertising that you cannot suppress. Twitch may not be the "normal" 08/15 streaming app with series and films. But absolutely recommendable for online gamers looking for cool live streaming!


The streaming app Popcorntimes is a real Munich native. It was only launched this February and is hailed as a Netflix alternative in many places, by which you can reminisce with Popcorntimes rather than watch the latest live streams. Because Popcorntimes specializes in top streaming classics from the 1910s to 2010s - old westerns, Buster Keaton films, the old Superman movies, etc. This streaming app is also financed through advertising, so it doesn't cost you anything as a user. But unlike Popcorn Time, which sounds similar, it is legal.

VPN for streaming –what’s the point?

Live streaming has become an integral part of our everyday life. It's good that there are so many different streaming apps. However, these apps usually only work in your own home country, where you bought them. For example, you can only watch German Netflix in German-speaking countries. But not abroad, where you will be blocked for licensing reasons. This happens to most of the streaming apps, unfortunately. But there is a way out 😊.

You can break blocks with a VPN

With a VPN like OVPN, you can bypass such blocks because you can connect to a needed server. The respective streaming service believes that you are, for example, in Germany and does not block you. You can also stream US content with a US server - a great thing especially with Netflix because the US version has really good top streaming content in the original sound.


The most important FAQ about Streaming Apps

Which streaming app is the best?

It is not as simple as that. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video certainly offer a particularly extensive library. But other streaming apps like Disney+ or Popcorntimes are not to be overlooked either. Tastes differ.

How can I use my streaming apps anywhere?

To be able to use Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. abroad, you need a good VPN service. This allows you to bypass geographic restrictions on streaming app.

Is VPN legal for streaming?

It absolutely is. The streaming services promise the authors of their content license agreements that it can only be seen in the corresponding region. But if a user bypasses the block due to a technical error or a VPN, it is not illegal. Using a VPN has nothing to do with a desire to hide something – you just want to protect your privacy.

Are there also free streaming apps?

Yes, there are. Streaming apps like for example Netzkino or Popcorntimes do not charge anything for live streaming. However, you have to put up with advertisements during the films.

Vira Derii