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Port forwarding with OVPN

David Wibergh, about Products & features

One of the greatest benefits with OVPN is that it allows port forwarding when connected. By forwarding a port, you can, for example, run a web server on your device even though that device is connected to OVPN.

How can I open a port?

The first thing you need to do is log in. Once on the dashboard, click the profile button and select Port Forwarding for either OpenVPN or WireGuard, depending on the VPN protocol you want to use.

On the bottom of the page, you will find:


When opening a port, you can decide if it’s going to be a TCP, UDP or a port with both TCP & UDP.

The port number will be in the range of 49152–65534 as we follow RFC6335 guidelines regarding assigned port numbers.

Re-connect after the port has been opened

After opening a port from the dashboard, you will need to re-connect to OVPN in order for the port to work properly. If you don’t re-connect, the port forwarding you’ve setup won’t work.

How many ports can I open?

Currently, we limit the amount of open ports to seven. The limit might increase or decrease in the future depending on the demand from our customers.

David Wibergh