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Planned service interruption: VPN57 in Gothenburg on July 18th at 08:00-09:30 UTC

David Wibergh,

We'll be having a server maintenance on VPN57 today with short notice as we want to test a new disk image that should drastically improve the connection time. Connections should go between 5 and 10 seconds faster with the new disk image.

We'll be deploying this update globally within a couple of days if everything goes as planned with the maintenance.

The maintenance is set to be 1.5 hours but it should be significantly shorter than that.

Date and time for service interruption

Start date and time: 2019-07-18 08:00 UTC (YYYY-MM-DD)
End date and time: 2019-07-18 09:30 UTC (YYYY-MM-DD)

David Wibergh