Desktop client v1.8.0 is available

David Wibergh,

Version 1.8.0 contains several improvements related to user experience when moving between networks as well as security improvements.

List of changes in v1.8.0

  • Bug fix: resolved coloring issues when dark mode is enabled in macOS Catalina
  • Bug fix: resolved so list with VPN servers isn't closed if it's opened quickly after disconnecting
  • Bug fix: several instances of the client could be started if clicking quickly on the shortcut for Windows users
  • Bug fix: the shortcut for the desktop client is no longer added to C:/ for Windows users, a bug that was introduced in v1.7.0
  • Bug fix: closing the lid on a laptop that runs Windows does not cause disconnects anymore
  • Improvement: the TAP adapter on Windows is always updated when the desktop client is updated
  • Improvement: it's possible to navigate the VPN server list using keyboard arrows
  • Improvement: OVPN is visible in Settings -> Users & Groups -> Login Items for macOS users
  • Improvement: reconnection keeps the killswitch enabled during the entire process
  • Improvement: reconnection attempts does not abort automatically after 50 seconds to ensure that the killswitch is enabled until manually disabled
  • Improvement: reconnection attempts when moving between wireless networks has improved drastically for macOS users
  • Improvement: clarified status indicators on the connection tab
  • New: DNScrypt is removed from the desktop client, which was announced when v1.7.0 was released
  • New: the setting "Prevent DNS leaks" is removed and thus always enabled for security reasons

How can I update the desktop client?

  1. Launch client
  2. You will now see a notification pop up asking you if you wish to update to version 1.8.0
  3. Click Yes
  4. Wait for the installation to finish and enter your password if asked for it
  5. As soon as the installation finishes the new version will launch automatically.
  6. Enjoy your privacy!

If for some reason the online update fails

If something goes wrong, simply close the desktop client and install it manually.
The download links for each operating system can be found below.

Download for Windows
Download for Mac OS X
Download for Ubuntu


We are removing DNScrypt is that it doesn't provide enough additional value for our users since the VPN connection encrypts the traffic anyway.

Furthermore, it causes delays in DNS responses as all DNS requests are sent to Sweden when DNScrypt is enabled - regardless of where the user is located.

David Wibergh