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Planned service interruption June 29th 2016 03:00-03:30

David Wibergh, about Status & transparency reports

Update: All went as planned. All datacenters in Sweden now use the new IPv6 subnet. We also enabled IPv6 for all servers in Frankfurt, Germany.

OVPN will have a planned service interruption that affects all servers in Sweden on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. The VPN servers in Frankfurt, Germany will not be affected by this downtime.

The cause of the interruption is that we've been allocated a new IPv6 subnet from RIPE which we want to start using instead of the current one we rent from Obenetwork.

The service interruption will be very short per server since we only need to restart the OpenVPN processes after the update. We will update this blog post when the service interruption has been completed.

Within a couple of weeks we will also start replacing several of our IPv4 addresses to new since OVPN has registered as a LIR with RIPE. We've therefore been allocated a /22 of IPv4 addresses.

This change means that when anyone does a whois lookup of our addresses, it will state OVPN Integritet AB instead of Obenetwork AB. Another benefit is that we will directly receive all of the abuse reports, which means that we can start gathering statistics and presenting it to our customers for transparency reasons.

All our IPv4 addresses won't be replaced, but the majority of them will. Therefore we will start contacting customers who has purchased the Public IPv4 add-on notifying them that the current IP address will be replaced with a new one.

David Wibergh