Desktop client v2.8: Block LAN and improvements

Maximilian Holm, about Products & features

This version contains a number of improvements as well as a new function: blocking LAN traffic while connected to the VPN. This feature is useful if you're on a public network and want to block communication over the LAN network.

List of changes in v2.8

    • New: added a Block LAN feature
    • New: added route priority for IPv6 when connecting with WireGuard in the client
    • Bug fix: it is no longer possible to connect with an unregistered key in the client
    • Improvement: the Extension indicator has been removed. It will be replaced with a new indicator in a future version.
    • Improvement: the VPN connection no longer needs to be restarted after adding/removing a process in split tunneling
    • Improvement: it is now possible to manually add a process to split tunneling by browsing to the process

    How can I update the desktop client?

    1. Launch client
    2. You will now see a notification pop up asking you if you wish to update to version 2.8.0
    3. Click Yes
    4. Wait for the installation to finish and enter your password if asked for it
    5. Windows users must accept the Wintun driver installation
    6. As soon as the installation finishes, the new version will launch automatically.

    If for some reason the online update fails

    If something goes wrong, simply close the desktop client and install it manually.
    The download links for each operating system can be found below.

    Download for Windows
    Download for macOS
    Download for Ubuntu
    Download for Fedora
    Download for openSUSE

    Feedback & issues

    We appreciate all feedback. Please report any feedback and issues to

    Known issues

    Activating split tunneling, Block LAN, WireGuard and the Killswitch at the same time will cause applications added to split tunneling to lose their internet connectivity.

    Maximilian Holm