Beta version #2 of 1.5.0 is released

author David Wibergh, about Products & features

After extensive testing of the first beta version, we can ascertain that 1.5.0-beta contains several big improvement compared to previous versions. We have added a couple of additional features that we'd like to beta test prior to releasing the client to everyone.


Download v1.5.0-beta2 for Windows
Download v1.5.0-beta2 for macOS
Download v1.5.0-beta2 for Ubuntu

List of changes in 1.5.0-beta2

  • Bug fix: it's possible to scroll in the list of available countries
  • Improvement: the killswitch in Windows is now based on WFP which means that it's more efficient and works independent of firewall installed on system
  • Improvement: returning from sleep mode is more stable. There's still work to do here but we've performed several improvements.
  • Improvement: notorization of the macOS client has been implemented to ensure that it functions properly on macOS Catalina

As well as all changes in the previous beta version.