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Additional VPN server in Frankfurt, Germany

David Wibergh, about Announcements

As traffic has increased in Frankfurt we have colocated another VPN server there, which leads to a total of three VPN servers. OVPN has VPN servers in three separate regions in Germany now to meet the demand: Erfurt, Frankfurt & Offenbach.

Data center & server specifications

We're currently renting 3 height units in Interxion's data center on Hanauer Landstraße 298. As of now, we have a 3 Gbit/s uplink to M247's network. The current transit and peering capabilities are NTT, Tata Communications, Cogent, DE-CIX & NL-IX.

As soon as we get close to reaching the max capacity of the servers, we will make sure to send additional servers in order to continue delivering great speeds to our customers. Below is a picture of the newest server, COLO-FRA-19, which is placed in a separate rack than the other servers.

David Wibergh