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Android app v0.5.0/v0.5.1 is released

David Wibergh, about Announcements

Version 0.5.0 & v0.5.1 of OVPN's Android app is released.

List of changes in v0.5.1

  • New: dark mode is available
  • New: added support button on auth screen
  • Improvement: the app remembers the last server that was connected to
  • Improvement: overall stability fixes

How can I update?

  • It should update automatically if you downloaded it from Google Play. It's also possible to force the update by manually updating
  • If you downloaded the APK from our website, you should download the new APK

Known issues

On certain devices, it's not possible to allow communication with LAN devices. It seems to be manufacturer related and we have filed a bug report with the WireGuard team.

David Wibergh