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Install OpenVPN on QNAP

1. Disable IPv6

In order to connect to OVPN - you will first need to disable IPv6.

2. Add VPN client

Add a new VPN client by going to the Web GUI -> Control panel -> Applications -> VPN client -> Add -> OpenVPN

3. Choose server

4. SSH to the NAS

Use a SSH client to SSH to your NAS. If you're on Windows, we suggest Putty. If you're on OS X or Linux, use the terminal.

5. Complete configuration

6. Start OpenVPN and see that everything works

Go to the Web GUI and click on Connect for the created profile.

7. Verify that the connection was successful

Wait about 30 seconds and then run:

curl -k https://www.ovpn.com/v1/api/client/ptr

You should see something like:

{"status":true,"ip":"the external ip","ptr":"PTR for the IP address"}

8. Done

Congratulations! Your device is now protected behind OVPN and will automatically connect on reboots. If you encountered any issues, please send the log file (/tmp/openvpn.log) to our support.