Install OpenVPN on QNAP

1. Disable IPv6

In order to connect to OVPN - you will first need to disable IPv6.

2. Choose server

3. Add VPN client

Navigate to App centerQVPN Service.

Add a new VPN client by starting the QVPN Service. Navigate to VPN ClientVPN Connection profiles.

Click on Add and choose OpenVPN. In the prompt that opens, choose the configuration file you downloaded in the previous step.

In the new prompt, fill out the following details:

Profile name You can keep as is or change if you want
Username (enter your username for OVPN)
Password (enter your password for OVPN)
Use default gateway on remote network Should be selected
Allow other network devices...... Should not be selected
Reconnect when the VPN connection is lost Should be selected

Click on Apply.

4. Start OpenVPN and see that everything works

Click on Connect for the created profile. After a while, it should clearly state that you are connected.