Guide to install OpenVPN for AsusWrt

1. Disable IPv6

In order to connect to OVPN - you will first need to disable IPv6.

2. Download the configuration you want

3. Start the configuration of the router

Go to the router interface. Under Advanced Settings, select LAN.

Choose DHCP Server in the new menu and change DNS Server to

4. Upload configuration file to router

Go to the router interface and choose VPN in the left-hand menu under Advanced settings.

Then choose the alternative VPN Client in the menu.

Click on Add profile and the tab OpenVPN. Enter the information below

Description OVPN
Username (option) (enter your username for OVPN)
Password (option) (enter your password for OVPN)
Import .ovpn file Choose the download configuration and click on Upload

Click on OK.

5. Connect to OVPN

Click on Activate for the created profile in order to connect to OVPN.

6. Finished

You should now be connected to OVPN and be able to browse the internet safely. To make sure everything was set up correctly, please check the dashboard to verify that you are connected.