Watch Swedish TV abroad with VPN

David Wibergh, about Products & features
Want to watch Swedish TV abroad on holiday? With OVPN you can watch SVT Play, TV4 play, Channel 5 play, C More abroad with the help of a technology called VPN. Several streaming services block visitors from abroad for copyright reasons. By using a VPN you can easily bypass this block by making it look like your traffic is coming from Sweden. We will now show you how to get started with OVPN and get access to all your Swedish TV channels via the internet whether you are on vacation or live in, for example, Spain, Portugal, Thailand or France.

Guide: Here's how to watch SVT play & Swedish TV abroad

To be able to watch Swedish TV abroad, you must make it look like your computer, iPad, TV or AppleTV is connecting via a Swedish IP address. With OVPN you are assigned one of our Swedish IP addresses and you can access streaming services through our Swedish IP addresses. 

  • Step 1: Purchase an OVPN subscription
  • Step 2: Download and install OVPN's desktop client
  • Step 3: Start the VPN client and sign in using the credentials you chose in Step 1
  • Step 4: On the Connection view, choose the option Choose best server in Sweden and click on Connect
  • Step 5: Wait a few seconds until you're connected
  • Step 6: Finished You can now access all Swedish streaming services

Please email or write a message here if you have any questions and we'll be happy to assist.

David Wibergh