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How to connect to OVPN's Miami & Los Angeles datacenters

David Wibergh, about Announcements

The Miami and Los Angeles datacenters are finally live and available to all users! We've listened to your feedback and we are excited to be able to provide US customers with even greater speeds and connectivity than before. Many customers have also asked for American IP addresses in order to circumvent content blocked outside of the US. As of today American IP addresses are therefore available on all six US servers. As always, the new servers are operated without hard drives or any other storage media to prevent logging.

servers without hard drives

Why use the American datacenters?

The servers are firstly put in place to offer better speed and connections to current and future US users. We have done extensive research to ensure that we can offer great peering with all major US ISPs. We've also acquired IP-addresses with American geo-location. This ensures that both US expats and European customers can access media, internet bank services and geo-blocked content in the US. If you wish to read up on more technical information regarding the datacenters in Miami and Los Angeles, you can find that here.

In terms of our security routines and policies, nothing has changed with the new datacenters. We still operate the servers without hard drives. Thus, even if servers were to be apprehended, there is simply nothing that can be extracted from the servers. We also stand firm on our no-logging policy that has been extensively outlined here. We will remain an ever transparent company, for example by showing users how we can guarantee that we prevent logging on our servers.

It's truly a troublesome, invasive and scary internet landscape in the US right now! We previously wrote about FCC's ongoing attempt to severely limit net neutrality. We've also talked about American ISPs being allowed to log and sell customer internet usage data as they see fit. With US lawmakers and companies moving in the direction of invading privacy, we aim to provide US customers with one of the most secure and transparent VPN solutions in the world at a time when they seem to need it the most.

How do I connect to the US datacenters?

OVPN Desktop Client

As old server lists may be cached from before the servers were launched, please note that you might be required to manually log out and log in again to load the new server list. If you have yet to install the OVPN Desktop client, you can get started here.

  1. Login to the OVPN Desktop client
  2. Option 1: Choose "Select best server in USA" in the first drop-down menu and press connect.
  3. Option 2: Choose "Select server manually"
  4. Select a server in either Miami or Los Angeles in the server list and press connect.

client instructions


As old servers lists might be cached from before the servers were launched, please note that you might be required to manually log out and log in to your OVPNbox interface again to load the new server list.

  1. Navigate to the OVPNbox interface in your internet browser.
  2. Press the connection tab and press "New connection"
  3. Choosing which group to apply the connection on in the first dropdown menu.
  4. Choose "Select server manually" in the second dropdown.
  5. Select a server in either Miami or Los Angeles in the server list.
  6. Press "Connect"

OVPNbox instructions

OpenVPN GUI and third party systems

To connect with OpenVPN GUI, Tunnelblick, Viscosity or any other third party VPN client, new configuration files for the US servers have been made available in each of their guides. Simply select your corresponding setup guide here and follow the steps.

Send an e-mail and let us know how the new servers are working for you to

David Wibergh