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Public beta of desktop client v1.5.0

David Wibergh, about Products & features

We test our desktop client releases extensively across a wide variety of operating systems prior to releasing anything publicly. That has also been the case for v1.5.0 - but it contains several major underlying changes, and we therefore want to release it as a beta first before releasing it as an online update to everyone.

The beta period will last between 2-6 weeks and depending on the results, we might release subsequent versions but also prolong or shorten the beta period.


Download v1.5.0-beta for Windows
Download v1.5.0-beta for macOS
Download v1.5.0-beta for Ubuntu

Please contact us via the support form in the desktop client if you experience any issues. Make sure that "Attach logs & diagnostic data" is checked, so we get the necessary information to debug the issue.

List of changes in 1.5.0-beta

  • Bug fix: set correct DNS servers on all enabled network adapters on macOS instead of just one network adapter
  • Bug fix: fetch VPN server information properly after the computer has been in sleep mode
  • Bug fix: don't display that the VPN connection has been aborted after computer has been in sleep mode and then manually disconnecting
  • Bug fix: improve button coloring of the update prompt on macOS when dark theme is used
  • Bug fix: the connection timer starts correctly now if "Connect to OVPN when the client starts" is enabled
  • Bug fix: prevent issue from occurring when OVPNUninstaller.exe might not have been removed after uninstalling the client
  • Bug fix: don't create DNScrypt processes for IPv6 if IPv6 is disabled in client
  • Bug fix: items in the menu weren't highlighted properly when launching the client
  • Improvement: the stability of the ovpn-daemon has been improved and in case the daemon is terminated or crashed it restarts in less than a second
  • Improvement: display VPN server information instantly on connection and add a tiny loading indicator while fetching external IP addresses
  • Improvement: when selecting the best server automatically and there are multiple servers with the same load, randomize which server that gets chosen
  • Improvement: include the ovpn-daemon log when submitting logs & diagnostic data
  • Improvement: include the last 10 log files when submitting logs & diagnostic data
  • Improvement: updated from boost 1.64 to boost 1.70
  • Improvement: migrated from websocketpp to Boost.Beast
  • Improvement: improved accuracy of DNS leak reports
  • Improvement: renames TAP adapter to OVPN on Windows
  • Improvement: added log line in client.log that details which processor the desktop has
  • Improvement: changed application name from "OVPN desktop client" on Windows to "OVPN".
  • Improvement: added log line in client.log that details the exact Windows' version that is running (release id)
  • Improvement: added log line in client.log that details the rendering engine used
  • Improvement: handles reconnects better after a computer comes back from sleep mode
David Wibergh