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Planned service interruption October 19th 2016 00:00-00:30

David Wibergh, about Status & transparency reports

Update: The service interruption took longer than initially expected, and lasted until approximately 02:15 for some servers. We'll publish information related to this at the same time as we mention all of the improvements done.

Update 2: An issue was detected with VPN14 and VPN15. Traffic did not always pass through and was occasionally blocked. This issue was resolved at Detta åtgärdades 17:01 GMT+2.

We mentioned that 72,7% of the max capacity was reached in the Stockholm datacenter in September's transparency report and therefore planned on increasing the capacity from 10 Gbit/s to 20 Gbit/s. We have done all preparation and are ready to increase the capacity, which will take place at midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday (GMT+2).

The image that our VPN servers run on has been significantly improved. This update will require all VPN servers to be restarted, which will take place during the service interruption. We will publish a detailed blog post later this week describing the improvements that have been done.

David Wibergh