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David Wibergh, about Announcements

Swehack is a Swedish Internet forum where IT security, online integrity, programming, and other IT-related topics are discussed. The forum is accessible for anyone and consists of a very knowledgeable user base as well as people just starting to explore their IT interest.

Apart from just hosting a forum, Swehack also participates in CTFs and competes against teams all over the world. CTFs is a fun and good way to learn more about IT security, and everybody is welcome to partake regardless of which area of interest one might have.

I really like initiatives focusing on security, integrity and anonymity, and it is because of sites like Swehack that IT security is becoming common knowledge.

Considering my interest for these topics, I’ve chosen to help Swehack in any way I can. Thus, I have decided to sponsor Swehack by:

  • Providing them with their own physical server in a locked server cabinet
  • Paying all operating costs for the server
  • Giving a SSL certificate to
  • Offering a free VPN account for the server to be run on including a public IPv4-address is thus operated behind our VPN tunnel and uses an SSL certificate. An illustration of their networking security looks something like this:

Visitor => OVPN => Swehack

To further increase their security, Swehack has chosen to encrypt the hard drive and disabled USB slots on their server.

I love being able to help projects such as! If you are working on a project related to IT security or Internet integrity, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll see if we can help you in any way.

Swehack is also a great example of how good OVPN works to secure a server. With OVPN offering such a stable service, it’s even possible to run it on an active production environment without any problem.

If you are interested in IT security, I strongly recommend you to go Swehack and check it out as you will find many like-minded people there.

It’s a very nice and helpful community that definitely welcomes more members.

David Wibergh