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Christmas present: American IP addresses

David Wibergh, about Announcements

This blog article contains outdated information as Netflix has improved their detection of VPN services. We no longer use virtual geolocation, instead we have actual physical servers spread across the US.

OVPN has also built a separate system to circumvent blocks by streaming services. It is possible to stream US Netflix using any of our VPN servers in USA

Today I can happily announce that we now also have American IP addresses to offer our customers!

In other words, it is excellent to check out American Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Pandora Internet Radio and several other streaming services. A big advantage of our setup is that we have US IP addresses, but we have no server in the US.

These IP addresses are allocated to Stockholm, which means that you will still have the same fast speed, but now it looks like you are surfing from the USA.

Does it cost anything extra?

No! It's included without extra cost for all our customers

Where in the US does it look like I'm surfing from?

It'll appear as your located in Wilmington, Delaware when you're connected.

How do I get an American IP address?

We have deployed a new VPN server, VPN05. Connect to that server

How many American IP addresses do you have?

OVPN has 30 American IPv4 addresses and a few billion IPv6.

American Public IPv4 address?

These IP addresses are reserved for streaming and as such are not available for the Public IPv4 add-on.

David Wibergh