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OVPN has completed the WireGuard beta phase

David Wibergh, about Announcements

OVPN has been running WireGuard across all our VPN servers for the past few months. We're satisfied with how it works and haven't uncovered any issues with our deployment since the previous changes we announced.

As we have released our official Android WireGuard App on Google Play, we're removing the beta status of our WireGuard deployment. We believe WireGuard is as stable as OpenVPN.

Moving forward, we aim to include WireGuard in our desktop client as well as start work on our iOS app. The time frame for an iOS app is Q1 in 2021. WireGuard should be included in our desktop app in Q1 2021 as well.

Multihop and Public IPv4 are not added to our WireGuard implementation as of yet, even though we're moving out of the beta phase. Public IPv4 integration will be our first priority, which we hope to implement before the end of 2020.

For OpenVPN, a Public IPv4 address is limited to a region, but it's possible to connect to any VPN server in that region and use Public IPv4. For WireGuard, one probable limitation will be that the Public IPv4 address will be tied to a specific VPN server in a specific region.

David Wibergh