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OVPN becomes even more transparent

David Wibergh, about Announcements

Customers choose OVPN because we prove all the claims we make about our services. There is no need to blindly believe everything we say about our security measures as we present and prove exactly what we do to ensure high security for our customers.

OVPN is the only VPN service provider that exactly explains how we can be sure that absolutely no logs are kept or stored. We also state exactly what measures we are taking to ensure high physical security.

We have now decided to take this transparency to a whole other level and show our customers even more information about our infrastructure.

Every month, we will publish an article here on the blog that states the traffic load on each of our servers as well as traffic spikes and the 95th percentile graphs.

The uptime for each server will also be presented to make it clear whether we keep our promise of a 99.5 % uptime or not.

Why do we choose to be more transparent regarding our infrastructure?

We want to be able to prove that we never maximize profits at the cost of server load. By showing you that we never get close to overloading our servers, we can prove to our customers that we always leave sufficient headroom to ensure fast encryption and to convince future customers that we can handle their traffic.

By publishing graphs of server uptime for every server, we can also show you that our infrastructure is sustainable and that we keep our promise of a 99.5% uptime.

The first article will be published on the 3rd of November 2014 and will show the review the server information for September.

David Wibergh