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New version of client has been released

David Wibergh, about Announcements
It's finally time for an updated version of OVPN's in-house developed client (v1.1.0.445). We released the first beta version of the client on December 23, 2015.

The development of the client never stopped, but has remained constant ever since. We have made over 100 commits with code changes between the previous version and the current one.

Download for Windows
Download for macOS
Download for Ubuntu

List of changes

  • Replace ppa: anton+/dnscrypt with ppa: xuzhen666/dnscrypt
  • Replace netsh tool for Windows Firewall API
  • Functionality for choosing the best server in a specific country
  • Improvements to the interface
  • Improvements in detecting active network adapters
  • Improvements in error messages during connection attempts
  • Implemented code to clean up previous installations
  • Included block-outside-dns support for Windows
  • Includes log rotations to facilitate future troubleshooting
  • Corrected bug where internal network traffic was blocked
  • Corrected incorrect paths
  • Corrected bug when kill switch was not always turned off for Windows clients
  • Corrected bug when DNS servers were not always switched back for Windows clients
  • Corrected incorrect text on login button if login fails
  • Restarts DNScrypt if the process dies
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Ubuntu 32 bit support
  • Support for special characters in username & password
  • Support for special characters in the name of network adapters
  • Updates DNS servers if DNScrypt dies
  • Updated OpenVPN to 2.3.10
  • Updated OpenSSL
  • Changed icon for client in taskbar
  • Changed title for client
David Wibergh