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New OVPN Desktop client (v1.3.0)

David Wibergh, about Products & features

Version 1.3.0 of the desktop client contains several improvements both when it comes to security, stability and user experience.

How can I update the desktop client?

If your current version is v1.2.1 or newer

  1. Launch client
  2. You will now see a notification pop up asking you if you wish to update to version 1.3.0
  3. Click Yes
  4. Wait for the installation to finish and enter password if asked for it
  5. As soon as the installation finishes the new version will launch automatically.
  6. Enjoy your privacy!

If for some reason the online update fails

If something goes wrong, simply close the desktop client and install it manually.
The download links for each operating system can be found below.

Download for Windows
Download for Mac OS X
Download for Ubuntu

If you have a version older than 1.2.1

As 1.2.1 was the first version with online update support, you need to install 1.3.0 the old-fashioned way if you're on an older version. You'll find the installers for each operating system below:

Download for Windows
Download for Mac OS X
Download for Ubuntu

List of changes in the 1.3.0 version

  • New: scale the size of the client better on high-resolution screens
  • New: added randomized password protection for the OpenVPN management interface
  • New: control compression on the Account tab
  • New: explain what happens during connection attempts
  • Bug fix: installation will no longer fail on Mac OS X when installing as a different user than administrator
  • Bug fix: client will now successfully remove OVPN:s DNS address on Windows when powering off the computer while still connected
  • Bug fix: removed UAC prompt at boot for Windows user
  • Bug fix: a warning will now successfully be displayed in the client when trying to submit an email from the Support tab if a non-valid fake email address is entered
  • Bug fix: upload and download in statistics will no longer swap values when changing tabs in the client
  • Bug fix: the tray popup message now correctly displays values in Mbit/s rather than MiB/s
  • Improvement: killswitch now activates when clicking Connect rather than after a connection has been made
  • Improvement: changed animations during the start of the client
  • Improvement: added extra conditions for when a Failed message is displayed under Killswitch when the killswitch fails to activate.
  • Improvement: changed the load icon in the UI
  • Improvement: updated displayed flags in the UI
  • Improvement: added country flags to server selection in the UI
  • Improvement: updated DNScrypt to 2.0.22
  • Improvement: updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1b
  • Improvement: changed cipher from AES-256-CBC to AES-256-GCM
  • Improvement: added reneg-sec 0 to the generated configuration files for all systems
  • Improvement: added fast-io to all connections over UDP for MacOS & Ubuntu
  • Improvement: removed registration from the client
  • Improvement: added a more visible separation between connection attempts in the client log
  • Improvement: clarified the Terms of Service when installing the client
David Wibergh