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New IP addresses in Stockholm

Maximilian Holm, about Products & features

This week we introduced a new IP range in Stockholm. The new range we use in Stockholm is

Our previous IP addresses were getting blocked by several different websites and streaming services, so we've added this new range in order to circumvent that.

We will also exchange several of the IP addresses that are used for the Public IPv4 add-on. If you have that add-on and your current Public IPv4 address in Stockholm does not start with 185.157.160 or 185.157.161 we recommend that you go to the Dashboard -> Public IPv4 and renew your assigned Public IPv4 address to a new one.

We will start migrating users over from the old Public IPv4 spans to the new ones over the next months.

The entry IP addresses for our VPN servers in Stockholm will also be updated shortly. Please make sure that you haven't hard coded the server IPs in your client configuration as that will cause connection errors in the future.

Maximilian Holm