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New OVPN client (v1.4.0) with bug fixes and new colors

David Wibergh,

Version 1.4.0 contains some additional bug fixes that were discovered after the release of v1.3.1 and v1.3.0 as well as a new color palette.

List of changes in the 1.4.0 version

  • Bug fix: killswitch is properly deactivated on Windows after closing the client
  • Bug fix: killswitch no longer blocks IPv6 traffic on Ubuntu
  • Bug fix: killswitch is disabled prior to updating the client on Windows which fixes issues of the desktop client not properly being able to be updated
  • Bug fix: connection timer did not work properly when reconnecting to a server
  • Bug fix: fixed "Choose best server automatically" for localized installations of Windows 7
  • Bug fix: display the correct version number on Windows in the Program list
  • Bug fix: fix scaling issues on Ubuntu
  • Bug fix: port forwarding works again on macOS when the killswitch is enabled
  • Improvement: display version number on the installer file for macOS & Windows
  • Improvement: removed block-outside-dns from the Windows configuration files
  • Improvement: if user has a DNS leak we link the test results to our new DNS leak test page
  • Improvement: postpone "This is taking longer than usual" during connection times an additional 10 seconds
  • Improvement: updated to Qt 5.12.3 for Ubuntu
  • Improvement: allow users to enable/disable support for high resolution screens
  • Improvement: add additional information to client logs in order to debug specific issues better (locale, if ovpn-daemon is running and if required tasks are added to the Task Scheduler)

How can I update the desktop client?

If your current version is v1.2.1 or newer

  1. Launch client
  2. You will now see a notification pop up asking you if you wish to update to version 1.4.0
  3. Click Yes
  4. Wait for the installation to finish and enter password if asked for it
  5. As soon as the installation finishes the new version will launch automatically.
  6. Enjoy your privacy!

If for some reason the online update fails

If something goes wrong, simply close the desktop client and install it manually.
The download links for each operating system can be found below.

Download for Windows
Download for Mac OS X
Download for Ubuntu

If you have a version older than 1.2.1

As 1.2.1 was the first version with online update support, you need to install 1.3.2 the old-fashioned way if you're on an older version. You'll find the installers for each operating system below:

Download for Windows
Download for Mac OS X
Download for Ubuntu

David Wibergh