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Install Tunnelblick for Mac OS X

1. Download Tunnelblick

To connect to OVPN you first need to download Tunnelblick.

2. Install Tunnelblick

Double-click on the file that you downloaded.
If you see:
Double-click Tunnelblick.app and go through the installation process.

If you see something like:
You might need to hold the Ctrl button, and click the file again.Then choose Open. Then follow the previous steps.

Go through the installation. When finished you should see something like:
Click Run.

3. Start Tunnelblick

When Tunnelblick is run for the first time you will see:
Click I have configuration files.

Then click Done.

4. Download the configuration you want

5. Connect to OVPN

If you now check the upper right corner you will see an icon that looks like a tunnel. This is the Tunnelblick-icon.
Click the icon - and choose to connect to the configuration file you downloaded in step 4.

6. Set credentials

Enter the username and password you used when creating your OVPN account.

Check Save to keychain if you wish for Tunnelblick to remember your login credentials.

7. Finished

You should now be connected to OVPN and be able to browse the internet safely. To make sure everything was set up correctly, please check the dashboard to verify that you are connected.

Also make sure that you do not have any DNS leaks by going to IPleak.net and check your detected DNS Address.

You should have or as your address if everything is working. If you see another address, follow this guide to fix any DNS leaks.

Platform: Mac OS X

Software: Tunnelblick 3.7.6 build 5080

System requirement: OS X 10.7.5+