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Verizon Online LLC

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Your internet provider can monitor what you do online.

Start Guides OpenVPN Asustor

Install OpenVPN on Asustor

1. Add VPN client

Add a new VPN client by going to the Web GUI → Settings → VPN → Add.

2. Download the configuration you want

3. Go through the configuration

Choose OpenVPN as VPN connection type and click on Next. Afterwards, choose 'Import Configuration Files from OpenVPN Provider' and click on Next.

4. Continue configuration

Account (enter your username for OVPN)
Password (enter your password for OVPN)
Import file(s) Choose the file you downloaded in step 2

Click on Finish.

5. Verify that the connection was successful

You should get a popup if the connection fails. You will be able to view traffic statistics if the connection succeeds.

6. Done

Congratulations! Your device is now protected behind OVPN and will automatically connect on reboots. If you encountered any issues, please contact our support.