Planned service interruption November 3-4: Frankfurt datacenter affected between 23:00-05:00 UTC

author Maximilian Holm, about Status & transparency reports

On Saturday and Sunday, November 3-4, the datacenter in Frankfurt will perform a scheduled maintenance. The goal of the maintenance is to apply and activate various software module upgrades running on their edge routers for the data center. No changes will be made to our servers.

While the maintenance window is 6 hours, our servers will only be down for aproximately 45-60 minutes sometime during the window. However, during the entirety of the window users may experience lower overall performance such as intermittent packet loss and higher latency.

Date and time for service interruption

Start date and time: 2018-11-03 23:00 UTC (YYMMDD)
End date and time: 2018-11-04 05:00 UTC (YYMMDD)