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Planned service interruption 04:00-05:00 february 13th

David Wibergh, about Status & transparency reports
Tomorrow on 13/02/2015 we will have a short downtime which affects VPN04.

The service interruption will implement an update that addresses the issue of packet loss that our servers have had.

We have been working for several weeks to troubleshoot and find a sustainable and stable solution to the problem, and we have finally found one.

The problem stems from a bug in OpenVPN that creates a temporary but powerful packet loss when a new client connects. We have found a solution that should significantly reduce packet loss.

We will apply the update to VPN04 first to ensure that the change has the same results as when we have worked in our development environment.

The update will also further improve our physical safety, but more about that will be published in a few days.
David Wibergh