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Planned maintenance on Oct 18th: VPN02 & VPN14 affected between 00:30-01:00 UTC

Maximilian Holm,

Update 2: We have rescheduled the maintenance for Oct 18th at 00:30 UTC. Our previous test environment was virtualized and we experienced some differences when the new operating system ran on the actual hardware it was destined for. As such, we've set up another test environment with the exact same hardware to ensure an identical testing environment going forward.

Update: We experienced some issues with the new version after updating VPN02 - and thus rollbacked to the old version. We have identified the issues and will fix them and then reschedule another planned maintenance to try out Alpine instead of Debian.

On Saturday, October 14 at 00:30 UTC, VPN02 and VPN14 will be temporarily unavailable for approximately 30 minutes while we launch a new version of our VPN image. The new version runs Alpine Linux rather than Debian 9, together with custom modifications which should improve performance and bandwidth, as well as decrease packet loss.

The new version of the servers will only be deployed on VPN02 and VPN14 to start while we examine the performance of the servers more closely. If the update runs smoothly we will eventually migrate all VPN servers to the new image and include more detailed information regarding our new version.

Time for service interruption

Start date and time: 2017-10-18 00:30 UTC (YYMMDD)
End date and time: 2017-10-18 01:00 UTC (YYMMDD)

Maximilian Holm