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VPN server update improves performance and prevents packet loss

David Wibergh,

On the morning of August 23, we had a planned maintenance window affecting all VPN servers. Before deploying on all servers we tested it on VPN16 on August 16 with great success.

During the spring of 2017 we've received a lot of user reports of so called packet loss which is experienced as lag spikes when gaming online, using VoIP traffic and live-streaming. After a lot of research and testing on our development server, we noticed that new incoming connections caused packet loss for existing connections. This happened as the authentication process was single threaded, forcing a drop in traffic when someone was connecting to the server. The patch we rolled out has moved the authentication process to a multi-threaded solution which prevents the blocking of traffic. As a result, the packet loss issue no longer exists. Please note that the update has increased the time it takes to connect to the server by 2-5 seconds. Lastly, the patch also contained an update of LibreSSL to version 2.5.5.

So far the updates seem to have worked great but we are still dependent on your feedback to confirm that it works. Feel free to contact us on if you have any issues whatsoever!

David Wibergh