New data center: Welcome Amsterdam!

David Wibergh, about Announcements
OVPN's brand has grown strong in Sweden and it has been built by focusing on superior security, superior anonymity and invoking trust by being transparent towards our customers. Throughout 2016, the knowledge about OVPN has slowly but surely spread outside of Sweden and we have seen a growing number of customers abroad. In order to offer great connectivity and speed for European customers without any compromise in security, we have decided to open a new datacenter. Thus, we are happy to announce the launch of our new data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Of course, the data center is available for all users but please note you must use the latest client(1.1.5) version in order to access it.

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Technical specifications

We are currently renting half a cabinet (20 height units) in EvoSwitch's datacenter in Haarlem, Amsterdam. As of now, we have a 10 Gbit/s uplink to NTT and another 10 Gbit/s uplink to AMS-IX. Each server is connected via 2x1 Gbit/s links. As of now there are three servers and in terms of processing power, each server can handle roughly 3 Gbit/s. However, to be conservative we only expect that each server can handle 1 Gbit/s.

As soon as we get close to reaching the max capacity of the servers, we will make sure to upgrade our infrastructure with a SYS-5038ML-H8TRF blade system to be able to continue delivering great speeds to our customers.

All servers in the rack are of the same model, HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen9, and they are equipped with a Intel Xeon E3-1230v5 3.4GHz processor, 16 GB RAM, and 2x1 GbE Intel NIC. Just like in all other OVPN data centers, these servers run without any permanent media storage in order to prevent any traffic logging.

There is more than enough space to fit at least three blade systems in the rack, which means another 24 servers. In effect this means that the datacenter at that point is capable of encrypting and anonymizing 24 Gbit/s.

Below are some pictures of the equipment and the cabinet in EvoSwitch.

Server rack from the front

Server rack from the back

David Wibergh