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Veiledning for å installere OpenVPN for Ubuntu

This guide is also available in English, Svenska og Deutsch

Last updated: 10. januar 2024

1. Last ned konfigurasjonen du ønsker

2. Configure the VPN connection

Click the network icon in the upper-right corner of the activity field and select Settings.

Ubuntu GUI guide screen 1

Under the VPN field, click the + sign

Ubuntu GUI guide screen 2

Click on Import from file...

Ubuntu GUI guide screen 3

Select the file you downloaded in the previous step. By default, it should be saved in the Downloads directory.

In the new window that pops up, enter your Username and Password. Leave everything else as-is.

Click on Add

Ubuntu GUI guide screen 4

Hvorfor OVPN?

Hindre hackere og myndigheter fra å overvåke dine online aktiviteter. OVPN sørger for at du kan surfe anonymt, trygt og raskt. Vår sterke fysiske sikkerhet sammen med vår solide programvaresikkerhet lar oss garantere en helt loggfri VPN-tjeneste.

Learn more

3. Connect to OVPN

To connect to OVPN, click on the network icon in the upper-right corner of the activity field.

Click on VPN Off

Click on Connect

After a few seconds the network icon should turn to a VPN icon if the connection is successful.

Ubuntu GUI guide screen 5

4. Automatic connection

To configure the VPN to start automatically on boot, open the terminal. In the terminal, type:


This will open a new window. In the new window, select your connection type (usually Wired Connection 1 or Wireless Connection 1) and go to the General tab.

Tick the box next to Automatically connect to VPN and select the VPN connection you created previously.

Click on Save.

Ubuntu GUI guide screen 6

5. Ferdig

You should now be connected to OVPN and be able to browse the internet safely. To make sure everything was set up correctly, please check the dashboard to verify that you are connected.